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Samaritan Health
& Wellness
Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Clinic

Reclaiming the healing ministry of Jesus Christ

Samaritan Health and Wellness Center, Inc. is a place where uninsured and underinsured men, women, and children receive affordable healthcare and counseling. No one “owns” this center; it exists simply because God purposed a place where the love of Jesus Christ is present and active and demonstrated in practical ways.

Our desire is for each patient, regardless of their background or belief, to know that they are loved and known by God, and He uses the team at Samaritan to embrace and care for their entire being.


Integrated Primary Care Behavioral Health Clinic


Professional, nationally board-certified advanced practice registered nurses (APRN) provide wellness examinations, annual physicals, and much more.


Mental health counselors and social workers provide therapy in collaboration with APRNs to provided integrated behavioral healthcare.


Clinical pastoral counseling is a practice that integrates both psychotherapy and biblical theology to provide therapy services in a faith-based setting.

Our Partners in
Collaborative Care

“I came to Samaritan in 2016 after a severe car accident. Several other practices stated that they'd like to help me, but... I had no insurance. From the first visit to Samaritan, I knew I would be okay! I'm greeted by name, treated like family, and never judged. We discuss treatments, lifestyles, faith, and family. This is the first and only doctor's office where I've been invited to pray... that really moved me that the Samaritan staff starts each day asking the Lord for his work and will to be done through them!"
-Samaritan Patient
"I am so happy to be coming to Samaritan Health and Wellness! From the first day I came here, they have been a blessing to me. Thanks to Dr. Sue, my health got better, and she walked me through in a caring manner. All the people who work at Samaritan are very nice. I thank God every day for the care and patience they have and for making a big difference in my health."
-Samaritan Patient
"At some point, in the seven and a half years Samaritan has been open to the community, all four of us have found ourselves needing help... viral infections, asthma, high cholesterol, and spiritual battles... all being treated by compassionate people. I wouldn't be here if not for Samaritan. Body, mind, and spirit is not just a catchy tagline. It is the mantra and daily work here!"
-Samaritan Patient
"'Grandma Sue,' as I call her, helped me when I was little. I woke Mama and Dad up to tell them I was having a hard time breathing. They took me to Samaritan, and Doc Sue immediately sent us to Golisano. I had a bad viral infection and was dehydrated. They put a shot in my hand to give me water. I cried a little, but now I have an inhaler, so I can keep playing baseball..."
-Samaritan Patient
"As a teenager, we go through a lot of things from bullying, friendship issues, distorted body image, identity crises, and much more. When I was presented with a couple of these problems, I decided to seek help at Samaritan...I began to talk to Pastor Joel. He never spoke down to me about my feelings, hurts, or issues, but instead he led me to the truth of God's word! He is a great counselor, mentor, and best of all, he is my friend!"
-Samaritan Patient
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